Military Logistic

LSH is a proud supporter and logistics provider to the Military of NATO alliance nations.

β‡’ Containerized Shipments Worldwide
β‡’ Specialized logistics solutions
β‡’ Heavy & Oversized loads
β‡’ Mobile Warehousing
β‡’ Cargo security
β‡’ Vessel charter
β‡’ Air charter

β‡’Β You can count on us for moving World-Wide:
Army supplies, personnel carriers, helicopters, offshore patrol craft, missiles, weapon systems, plus all categories of ammunition, bombs, and explosives.

β‡’ Containerized Shipments Worldwide:
Shipments in standard sea containers, flat racks, open tops, tank containers

β‡’Β Specialized Container Logistics Solutions:
Patended SharkCage system which converts standard 20’ or 40’ sea container into perfect warehouse with easy access. The patented features allow the cages to be fully loaded and transported through the most demanding terrain without additional dunnage.

The Sharkcage system also can be used for moving goods by airplane, on trucks, vessels, crops.

β‡’Β Heavy & Oversized Loads:

Forwarding of Out of gauge // Abnormal loads // Heavy lift // Oversized loads

Assistance in planning and cost-effective operations

β‰ˆ Military cargo management
β‰ˆ Client and on-site coordination
β‰ˆ Efficient handling

β‡’Β Vessel Charter

Vessel chartering services – vessel management for all military shipment needs World-Wide

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